My Daily Horoscope: "Libra
September 22 - October 22
Are you an artist, writer or musician, dear Libra? If so, you might find your work taking on more of a symbolic or impressionistic tone. Today you're probably more interested in conveying feelings and impressions than detail. In fact, it might surprise you that you're thinking along those lines. This urge may vanish by tomorrow, so if you like today's work, make the most of it. And try to remember how and why you're doing it!"

Could be this becomes the outlet for a lot of the stuff I'm creating. I haven't been posting my artwork on-line, since I'm not into spending a lot of time maintaining ANOTHER web-site, but it would be a good way to get the art photos and my media experiments seen by a larger audience.

However, like most artists - I create for my own needs - appealing to a larger audience - Isn't really my thing. It's secondary, but it would perhaps make it profitable to pursue photography and art. A thought to contemplate on a Friday.
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