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Buy Q-Grill at Same thing - but with a Canadian pricing.
Q BBQ Portable Gas Barbeque Grill Okay - so here's my new BBQ - replacing the old green junker on the back porch. I've test driven it already and it works great. So what if it looks like something George Jetson would use.
Bell in the West This is a trial site I'm evaluating for possible use. Any and all comments from the Bell folks are welcomed. It will be around until mid May and comments can be sent to me at
Welcome to Cooper's Place - very quiet here these days. Sort of like the old time gas station that nobody drives by. Been bypassed by the information super highway. But I'm at fault too - been too busy to BLOG things here.
The Laporte Report

Leo is back on Call for Help - a good sign - but Cat is a Sharks hockey fan. Go Flames Go!