Marshall's Mugshot

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Somehow - I think the picture has been cropped - just to take the RCMP number off the bottom.

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2005 01 06 - Spotlight on Diversity >

Senior Manager, Customer Care & Billing, Bell West
Which means…
Based in Calgary, Marshall works with a team of 145 staff who handle landline order entry and provisioning for business customers in western Canada. Besides managing western-primed voice and data orders via the Bell West Customer Care contact centre or SPOCs, they also support western locations for Enterprise eastern-primed accounts. “In many ways we act as a liaison between various groups like Sales, Marketing Operations, and the end customer,” he says. “Out in the West, Bell is not the incumbent; we’re the new kids on the block. That means we can’t take anything for granted. We need to ensure that everything we do is totally customer focused. Even though we don’t always control the last mile, we can’t let that stand in the way of providing superior service.” This often means working closely with Telus and other suppliers to resolve issues and speed service delivery.
Delivering diversity…
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