Is the West really wanting to seperate?

In the MSM's style the National Post headlines this morning/

The West's separatist warning
Poll finds 35% of Westerners think splitting from Canada should be explored

Further on - I see this quote from David Frum's Editorial National Post
...under Pierre Trudeau, comes a shift: to a series of superannuated politicians, each of them less impressive -- and more desperately in need of a job -- than the one before, finally hitting bottom with the LeBlanc appointment.

But now the Canadian government is exploring a new low: a governor-general of zero independent position or prestige, wholly beholden to the prime minister who bestowed this lavish patronage plum on him or her....To choose her as the nation's de facto head of state is to announce that conservatives and westerners do not deserve to be represented, do not really count as Canadians.

I don't think it's as simple as that. What I see is a frustration with what I call Upper and Lower Canda Whigs. What the Western Standard calls the Libranos.
The clique of Liberal idiots in Ottawa and suppored by Ontario that simply don't like the people they want to govern. It's an attitide not seen since Louis XV and his famous wife - and we all know what happened to them.

However, seperation to form a Nation on our own isn't really a practical option. I'd suggest a more rational approach. Have the four Western provinces apply for Statehood. Become the 51 through 54th States. For example, under the US consitution, if Alberta were to become a State in the US - we would be entitled to have two elected senators, and eight congressmen and a state legislature of our own design. And no Libranos.

Something to think about.
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