Friday Roundup - Holy Cow?

It's been a while since I've had any good jokes sent to me for the Friday Funny - so I thought I'd do a bit of a roundup. Sort of in the vein of "A funny thing happened to me on the way to office"

There I was - actually on my way to the Second Cup when a girl handed me a strange looking gift. (see the left picture) It's a tiny cow - floating in a gumdrop shaped base with a long hadle and clip on the end. It's a giveaway for a new website which seems to be from the local dairy association. However, for the life of me - I can not figure out what this thing would be. The girl who gave it to me said it was a picture holder. One woman by me thought it was a roach clip.

Looking at it - if you flip the clip down - the cow rolls over in the liquid and lands on her feet again. Sort of like a cat. The magic liquid inside always seems to put the blue colour at her feet - sort of like Holy water. Which if you think of it would make this a Holy Cow. That and the shape of the base and handle makes me think of an Holy water sprinkler that a priest uses. I've slipped over to the web site mentioned on the base - and they do have a contest running - but no mention of the thingie.

When I got back to the office - I did use it to hold a small pad of Post-it Notes. (see the right hand picture) But I still don't know what it would be useful for? So If you have any ideas - let me know in the feedback section.

Update - the site is by The Dairy Farmer's of Canada - but I still don't know what the thinge is for

Any ideas?
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