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I'm betting on a Bitorrent Podcast

Looking over at TWIT - found this:

"Stand By For News
Submitted by Leo Laporte on 12 August, 2005 - 9:01am.

Watch for a major announcement regarding Call for Help soon."

The comments are speculating on a US version of the CFH show. I'm betting Rogers is going to start releasing the show on the Internet via IP or Bitorrent.

Just my two cents

Garbage and Privacy

Looking over at - I ran across this article Garbage and the Man where there is a quote from a reader, to whit:
I think someone could come up with a business plan around this: truly private garbage collection. You don't put the trash out at the corner, but contract with the garbage collector to pick up the garbage in your yard, with some sort of contract that the garbage is still yours until properly incinerated, and the collector would dispose of it in a way that guarantees privacy - incineration.
Well actually, there is - and Iron Mountian document storage companies. In addition to document storage they both offer document destruction services, including computer media. It's aimed at businesses - but a residental user simply can call for a quote.

As I've seen from some of the privacy advocates - shred any piece of paper that has your name or other personal information on it. A home sized shredder can be bought at Office Depot or Staples - and ther…

Is the West really wanting to seperate?

In the MSM's style the National Post headlines this morning/

The West's separatist warning
Poll finds 35% of Westerners think splitting from Canada should be explored

Further on - I see this quote from David Frum's Editorial National Post
...under Pierre Trudeau, comes a shift: to a series of superannuated politicians, each of them less impressive -- and more desperately in need of a job -- than the one before, finally hitting bottom with the LeBlanc appointment.

But now the Canadian government is exploring a new low: a governor-general of zero independent position or prestige, wholly beholden to the prime minister who bestowed this lavish patronage plum on him or her....To choose her as the nation's de facto head of state is to announce that conservatives and westerners do not deserve to be represented, do not really count as Canadians.

I don't think it's as simple as that. What I see is a frustration with what I call Upper and Lower Canda Whigs. What the Western …

Back from Vacation

And checking the net - found this:

August 03, 2005
Wind energy to the home

I found a wind energy calculator to help you assess whether or not to install a turbine on your property, based on a Canadian wind atlas, plus lots of other stuff. I plugged in my postal code, and found out that my region rates as "Good" (a 3 on a six point scale). Fantastic! I'd love some free power. So, what exactly does "good" mean?

Based on my consumption, in my postal code, the calculator recommended 4 1kW generators, each on a 19m pole. Neighbors are gonna love that. But hey, maybe they like green power too, and won't be concerned by the bird kill.

Installation cost, including hardware and labor, is estimated at $25k. More than I have in my wallet, but that's okay, maybe we can finance it. It takes money to make money, and the power is free, right? So what the ROI, or, in terms the efficiency types like, the payback on that puppy? The calculator knows how much power costs here, …