And now a message from...

Not from our sponsors - which there ain't any - but from the folks over at Skype. Yep, the folks at Skype are letting me link to them to share the service. It's a little something I've been playing with the last couple of weeks. And I'll put a little bipvert on the right side for when this posting gets moved down the line.

Plus all of you skype users can reach me at user name of colecoop - when I'm on-line - I'm still playing around with the system and haven't got a voice mailbox yet, but I will soon. Which is neat - 'cause as you know to get to Cole's Notes you go to - which I'm sure you've bookmarked already - or don't foget the RSS feed. Content has been a little thin on the ground lately, with Gainful Employement Corporation taking up a lot of my time, but some new things are coming soon.
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