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Real Life Simpsons

Kind of late for the Friday Funny - but great nonetheless....

Origami Unfolding

From the MSN web - some more info coming.......
Rumors have been swirling about the device over the past week. The Origami Project Web site, which is owned by Microsoft, pledges that more information will come Thursday. However, sources say this is likely to be more buzz, with actual details not expected until later in March, likely at the CeBit show that takes place March 9 to 15 in Hannover, Germany.
See the full story at:
MSN Tech & Gadgets

Origami? - A new toy?

UPDATE - the website for this is - I didn't think to add it to my note from yesterday

A stealth video on a possible new Microsoft device - code named Origami.

It's an interesting video - showing folks using a small tablet-like unit to send e-mail - photos, etc. over a wireless connection. It's really an extension of the current technolgies - once they are all organised. Sort of a dream situtation. The video is very simular to one I saw back in the 1990's when Apple was prognosticating about the future of Intergrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN) - their thought was a on-line all the time connected device could do all this. Now with them trying to build a video Ipod - which might be premiered tommorrow at the Mac show - this could be a little underground marketing by Microsoft to test the waters for a version of Vista that will run on a small portable platform.

Myself, I hope it is. I've always liked the Tablet PC concept - but …

Canada's Curling Win - Olympic Gold

From the folks at YouTube - the win for Canada - an amazing curl.