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Vacation Blogging - Are you going to stop and ask for directions?

You know, it must be the male thing of never asking for directions. I was browsing around the Internet during my sorjourn from the Gainful Employment Company and I ran across The Urban Refugee Blog on his battle with UPS, trying to get his package delivered to his home in Kirriemuir, AB in the Eastern part of Alberta, from a US company. To wit:
I phoned again today and got a customer service rep with more than two brain cells to rub together. It turns out that the shipment was sent out using my mailing address (P.O. box). Since UPS isnÂ’t equipped to deal with rural customers, it looks like the people responsible for routing just decided it was easier to bounce it to a different routing center than to pick up the f****g phone to ask me for an alternate delivery address.Full story.

Now this intrested me in that during my daily rabbit at Gainful Employment Company I spend a lot of time looking up locations and sorting through GIS co-ordinates looking for just such rural locations and see…