Who Killed the Webmaster?

Well, with the recent changes going on - I've not been adding stuff to Cole's Notes for quite a while - so Here is a posting that will be the last one for a while. Alas, this is not an April fool's joke - it's all too real.

Yet Another Web Development Blog » Who Killed the Webmaster?

In 1995, the “professional web design firm” was single, talented person working from home. Today it’s a diverse team of back-end developers, front-end developers, graphic artists, UI designers, database and systems administrators, search engine marketing experts, analytics specialists, copywriters, editors, and project managers. The industry has simply grown so specialized, so quickly, for one person to hardly be a master of anything more than a single strand in the web.

So for a while, there won't be any postings here for a while. April 1
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