Friday Funny Al Gore and the Nobel Prizes

This is rich - Al Gore wins a Nobel Prize. What? This isn't a episode of Furturama? It's for Real?

Update - not only is it for Real - Check this. Wow!
Just when you thought Al Gore’s head couldn’t get any bigger…

According to Bookworm it's true. But she has a good point....

I was glad to see that the Nobel Prize committee hasn’t lost its touch. Al Gore, the man whose movie is so inaccurate it needs to come with a warning, has now joined the august panoply of other recent Nobel Peace Prize winners....
Click here for the whole story

Alas - it is serious - even this article from American Thinker says so.

American Thinker: Al Gore and the Mission of the Nobel Prizes

What's next - Al Gore running for President? Hilarity Ensues.
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