From the Gods of the Copybook Headings

This is what Warren Kinsella, the blogsphere's whiny school boy par excellent - witness his reaction to Kate's most recent prank - misses in his defense of Human Rights Tribunals.  While playing Spy Smasher all these years, Kinsella has elevated human roaches into grand villains of their own, and his, delusions.  Most Canadians view neo-Nazis and bigots like Phelps as minor and rather pathetic figures, Kinsella sees them everywhere, threatening the good consciousness of our happy land. If something is bad, goes the liberal theory of society and human nature, then ban it.  The central conceit of modern liberalism is that the average person is incapable of governing their own affairs.  Conservatives - including classical liberals - view human beings as generally efficacious and self reliant.  There are exceptions, that are dealt with as exceptions, but generally people can run their own lives.  The Human Rights Tribunals are the culmination of the liberal conceit.  If you can't be trusted to save for your retirement, or educate your children, how can the average citizen be expected to think for themselves? (emphasis mine) 

From the assorted links at Gods of the Copybook Headings. by PUBLIUS on February 17, 2008.  There is a snarky comment by someone using the nom de plume Warren K, but it's more Troll than truth.

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