You know - I want to thank you - an open letter to XL103

The latest format change has got me down.

When I first started listening to the Breeze 103, back in the day it was a good selection of smooth jazz and local groups – along with a good selection of not-quite-mainstream Blues and some other stuff.

I particularly grew to like the late night jazz DJ’s and the Live interview shows on Sunday night. But that was not to last for long. Another format change – and you became California 103. All the grownups that knew anything about good music had obviously left leaving the kids who thought they knew something about music to make it “smooth jazz” station – programming the pap that came out of John Tesh.

For crying out loud, Tesh is no more a jazz person than Yani is a classical musician. But at least we were spared his musical talent in favour of his triva knowledge being chattered between computer programmed smooth jazz cuts and elevator music.

I think California 103 jumped the shark this last November, when it went to all Christmas songs a month before Christmas - and ran them well into the new year.  Then followed up that by  returning to the elevator music and trying to promote itself as the "The perfect at work station".  Well, no.

But that's okay - your latest format change to non-stop classics from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. has finally convinced me to buy a satellite radio.


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