Obama And The Middle Class He Pretends To Care About

From early childhood on, we are taught about the social class structure as being ‘problematic.’ Somebody might have something you don’t and that becomes or is a problem. Your neighbor might have something you don’t- and we are taught that there is something inherently unfair about that.....
..... When it is all said and done, fierce devotion to multiculturalism, moral relativism and identity have only served to drive us apart. We live separate lives with every incentive in the world not to integrate with others to find common grounds and values. What was meant to promote equality and tolerance has lead to divided and fractured societies. We pretend those things don’t exist, because rather than deal with real problems, we are only too happy to buy into the vague consumer ideals of ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ Demand that the real problems be addressed and you are labeled a racist. (emphasis mine)

As Kate over at SDA opines "Everyone thought Multicultualism ment more pavillions at Foodfest"

Part two today at this link
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