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The Liberals and NDP seem poised to form an alternative government by joining forces in a coalition -- supported by the separatist Bloc Quebecois. This unholy alliance is saying they simply want to spend more money to stimulate the economy, but when asked for details, they don’t have an answer. Now we have the prospect of the Liberals (with 77 seats) joining with the NDP (with 37 seats) to unseat the democratically elected Conservatives (with 143 seats). Of course, the only way to do that would be with the support of the separatist Bloc Quebecois, who bring their votes to the table in exchange for their separatist agenda. The three left-leaning parties in Parliament are willing to risk it all in order to gain power through the back door, power that was denied to them in a general election.

An organization called Canadians for Democracy has put together a petition urging Members of Parliament not to change governments without an election. Given the speed at which the Liberal/NDP/ Bloc coalition is moving towards their goal of overthrowing the duly elected Government of Canada without an election, the petition should probably be addressed to the Governor General. But the coalition is moving very quickly and I urge anyone who would oppose the potential coalition to sign this petition:

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