iPad and Me – Blogger edition.

I got an iPad the other day – and I’ve been playing with it and trying out doing many things on it.  But had to try blogging from it.  Not too bad – working on the web interface of the blogger – I’ve managed to update the interface and design of Cole’s Notes and will be updating View from the Plateau as well.  I’ve been posting from the Google reader – and Twitter and of course Facebook.  I resisted the trend to trash my Facebook account – most of it is trash anyway – and it’s a good way to keep a bunch of sites I like to follow under control.  There’s nothing on there that I wouldn’t want the world to see – and my blogs are the same way.  Not to mention Buzzie, my Google page, LinkedIn and an online resume, all of which are in need of updating, but it’s summer time and I will do this like eating an elephant – one bite at a time.

In the meantime – I really like writing my articles for the blogs on live writer – any of the iPad fanboys know of an app that lets me blog from the iPad with the same sort of tools the writer has? 

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