Personally, I blame the X-Files or maybe Star Trek

Over at American Thinker – J.R. Dunn weighs in on The Wikileaks and the so called cyber war against the West, and takes a good shot at the millennial nerds living in their Mum’s basement – or in campuses all over the world.   

It has been an axiom of the left since the days of the New Masses and the Daily Worker that if "the people" knew what was "really going on," what decisions were being made and crimes committed "in their name," they'd simply rise up in their wrath to smash the pillars of the temple and smite the evildoers….

…….Assange's followers are flakes.  These are not Red Guards or Khmer Rouge; these are the potential victims of Red Guards and Khmer Rouge -- foolish, childish, spoiled, miseducated (and possibly uneducable), the dregs of millennial society.  They exist in a dream reality, feeding on myths that any normal individual would reject half-heard: that the world is run by means of conspiracy.  [emphasis mine] That capitalism is evil.  That Marxism is about sharing.  That 9/11 was an inside job.  That Michael Moore and Joseph C. Wilson IV are heroic figures.  And most of all, that a brave new world lies just around the corner if we only do the right thing…..

….After two centuries, the compulsive rebel -- descended from the club-footed Byron and the frail Shelley -- has about run his string.  It is a long way down from the maimed grandeur of a Byron to the whining, petulant Assange.  Whatever benefit such types may have provided is a matter of dead history.  They have shed their attractiveness and outworn their welcome.  They are a nuisance at best and a danger at worst.

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J.R. Dunn is consulting editor of American Thinker and will edit the forthcoming Military Thinker. His upcoming book Death by Liberalism can be found at

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