Penguin Plunging

It’s been quite a while since I created a blog article from scratch – so I gave myself an assignment on this great Sunday.  Took in the new Penguin Plunge Exhibit at the Calgary Zoo.  And of course, couldn’t go without taking a picture. (or two)

Ready for your close-up.  Two visitors to the Calgary Zoo new Penguin Plunge snapping photos. Reminds me of my Calgary Herald days – this would have made a great Roaming shot – or an illustration of for an article on the new attraction.  Which is most of my stuff I have loaded into my online albums stored at Picasa. 

One out of many – over 27,000 according to the last upload count.  But there is a nagging problem I have with Picasa web albums and that is for some reason – using the name tagging feature is sharing photos from my archive on Google+.  Now something like this I have no problem sharing, but the more private stuff sometimes gets exposed.  Short of taking all 27 K of photos offline, I can't think of a good way to set this up.

Any suggestions welcome.

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