Quote of the Day - Summer Disturbances

Ben Stein

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Summer Disturbances

"I have told you before, my friends, that the bowels have a powerful effect on the brain and it’s true. “A good set of bowels is worth any quantity of brains,” said Dr. Johnson....

...America is now just a blind, helpless Cyclops, eye poked out by Obama’s innate confusion and rage about what America is.

American leadership is just a memory. American military dominance will soon be just a memory. In five years, we have become a laughingstock. “Yes, we can… commit suicide,” is the new motto. And the worst part is that the GOP does not have any better ideas. Lower taxes are more important than defence? Are they serious? China as a benevolent world leader? I guess that’s the future.

Mr. Obama actually claims that he has al Qaeda on the run. That’s just plain insanity. Al Qaeda is a mighty force from the Atlantic to the Pacific in the Moslem world. They are not a few guys in a cave. This is a worldwide force. We have to be honest about it, not make up fairy tales. Al Qaeda is a really big deal and a terrifying deal. Does Mr. Obama truly not know it?

Oh, and that sound you hear? That’s the America we of my generation know and love being shoved down the garbage disposal of a world which used to fear us and now laughs at us. It is our own fault. These people didn’t elect themselves. Yes, the media is largely to blame, but a nation that could not choose a John McCain over a Barack Obama has lost its way badly.



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