The New York Times > Arts > Eddie Adams, Journalist Who Showed Violence of Vietnam, Dies at 71 Just ran across this news item today. Eddie Adams passed away a week ago. My gosh, that brings back memories. Back in the late 1970's when I was still shooting for a living - I went to a seminar on News photography sponsored by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) in San Diego where Eddie was one of the chief speakers.

I remember his advice to the group when one of us asked him, "What was his favorite exposure" - He said - and I always thought it was the best advice for a photojournalist - "F8 and BE THERE!". He then put the Pulitzer prize winning shot of the Vietnamese General on the screen - and talked about the shooting. A definitely profound moment.

It was a very good confrence, as I remember. I got to meet Rich Clarkson, David Hume Kennerly, Bill Pierce and Eddie. Shared a few brews and war stories - swapped tips and techniques. I went back to my job at the Thompson Kamloops paper fired up to be a great photojournalist. And for about a year - I was on fire - won two CP sports photo awards - and a Lecia world award for a shot of the Crowsnest Pass I did. All for naught - the paper closed and I never found another good paper job after that.

It seems like another lifetime ago.

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