Post Holiday Thoughts

Now that the Canada Day weekend is over, I've been reading through some of the Blogs around Canada and some older stuff. The Western Standard Shotgun reprinted Trevor Lauten's Canada Day column the Winnipeg Free Press, with what sounds like old man grumping about how things were in "the good old days" - but many of the points he makes are correct. To wit:

There seemed to be a fresh new dawn in the 1950s, that decade scorned as boring and repressive by those who weren't there for it. The Canadian vocabulary unashamedly included kindness, thankfulness, manners, and such, and citizens quite often even put those words into practice. The actual and linguistic horrors of lifestyle, fulfillment, liberation, orgasm (good, better, best), closure (what of importance is ever closed, especially the death of the loved?) and that tool of the institutionalized New Bigotry, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, all gratefully lay far ahead ....

Now Canada is uber-enlightened and people are afraid to go out at night. (One never knows, a crooked MP might be lurking in the shadows.)
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