So does this guy deserve a free laptop?

The folks at Gizmodo have a contest going on. Send a picture of your dead laptop and they can win a new one.

We have received many unbelievable photos—check out some of the wretchedness after the jump—but it’s not over yet. Tomorrow, Gizmodo’s crack team of forensic editors will scan hundreds of entries and pick the top 3 (well, maybe 5 because there are so many good ones), and we will put it to you, our faithful frapprs, to vote on which story and photo deserves to win a brand new Sharp M4000 WideNote laptop. sharpm4000thumb.jpg

For details on how to win the 13.3-inch, 80 GB, Sharp WideNote M4000 with CD-RW/DVD combo drive and six hour battery life, read all about it here and here
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