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25 March 2008

Nude portrait of France's first lady to go to auction

'Tasteful' nude portrait of France's first lady to go to auction

This is an interesting story in a couple of ways:

First off - the National Post doesn't publish the photo - you have to take their word that it's "a Work of Art" - mainly because they don't publish nudity. However there is a thumbnail of the photo when you share the NP link to facebook. So I guess nudity is permissible - as long as it not in the National Post. I also noticed they put "Tasteful" in quotes. I've corrected the headline in my post to make it a little less sneering.

Secondly, it reminded me of a text argument I had with a friend the other day. We were discussing her sitting - and I had posited the idea of a nude pose. Her response was "I'm not a slut - I won't pose nude".

Well having done photos, sketches, drawings paintings, of nudes many times it brought to mind a comment I heard from a model a long time ago.

"It's not posing nude for an artist that makes you a slut. It's what you do with your clothes on that can make you a slut."

Case in Point - Brittany Spears vs. Mrs. First lady - which one of those would be called a slut?
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