iPad and Me

I was reading this article on the iPad and Windows at Paul Thurott's site.
Understanding iPad http://ping.fm/Qjsym
And watching all the hype around the arrival of the "magical" device in Canada and around the world. As Paul mentioned it is promoted as
"a revolutionary device" aimed at key computing scenarios only--"browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading e-books and much more."

Sort of what I'm doing now - with my tablet PC's and smartphones. I've been keeping a low profile on the mac vs PC fan boys firefights and staying neutral on this.

I've always been neutral on the Mac vs PC stuff. When I was DiT at Stentor - we had to support both platforms - so I was always a platform agnostic. (other than those Linux geeks hiding in the server farm who didn't want any support from the IT guys and thought they could run the network better than the engineers who were actually running it.)

Even now - this post started on my iPhone and was transferred to my desktop PC and is now being finished on my netbook. Really sort of Magical in itself.

However, I have been asked for my take on the iPad - and whether or not to get one. First off - the philosophy I've always had about Mac vs PC was that Macs where for playing and PCs where for work. I don't see much change in that now. To this day - don't any real IT work or office work is the job for the Microsoft tools, and playtime is for the macs.

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