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Welcome to Coop's Place

Coop's place as updated for Stampede. Yahoo@!!
Not quite ready for prime time
Bell West Stampede information

Fresh Content on the stampede and ready for viewing
Coop's Web Log

Welcome to Cole's Notes - my hang out weblog on the internet.

Cole's laws

Cole's Law # 1 - No system is considered mission critical until it goes down.

Cole's Law #2 - There is no such thing as a ten-minute job in IT

Cole's Law #3 - On any website - there are ALWAYS last minute tweaks.
Martial Arts Supplies Books, Videos

Hey mike - good to see the updated site - but what happened to the article about Diane and er Glock?
Well, now that I've got this log set up - I was wondering what to put on it. I've always kept a diary, or jounal, or log or whatever - and I didn't really see the reason for putting these private thoughts out for all to see - but it might be a place to put Rants about various things. - or even respond to news pieces I see.
Welcome to

Got here from the home machine - the links are ready
Logged in from work - very quiet day - A bit of a break from the ususal thing. Today's horoscope - Several different flirtations could be on your mind today, Cole. There might be someone at work who is attracted to you, and you could be wondering whether or not it would be appropriate to ask them out on a date. Meanwhile, there could be other romantic prospects floating around. Someone from the past might still be interested in you, and you'll need to examine your feelings for them. Give yourself some time to sort out these different connections.

Sort of thing that needs some thought.