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25 March 2008

Spring Cleaning

Well, I've just cleaned out my DRAFTS folders for Cole's Notes and View from the Plateau.  Boy there's been a lot of stuff I haven't gotten around to posting - and a bunch more that I have.  So this is why there's a sudden jump in the postings here, and I'm promising to keep up to date on both the blogs.  As always, comments and notes welcome at my blog.  Plus now - you can follow me on Twitter at - where I'll also be adding a link list to the side of the blog page on Cole's Notes - so if you have a Twitter account you can follow along.  And I've even cleaned up the Facebook page and you can find me on Plaxo Pulse, Friendfeed and LinkedIn.  I'll be updating all these sites in the next couple of days, and hopefully get all these done with what's going on.

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