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The will the Real Cole Cooper please stand up?

A Googley e-mail issue - cole.cooper@ and
Once upon a time - October 6, 2004 to be exact - I was one of the first users of Google email beta after getting an invite for the Beta.  At the time - I had a Hotmail address for, plus a Shaw @ home address.  So after a few minutes in the old system, 
I ended up with my name in gmail as  Using that account, I set up this blog and my Google+ services, and my Google Plus page.
And there the fun begins.  Back in 2004 there were not many Cole Coopers on the internet. It was a fairly uncommon name. There are a lot more now.  There is a football player Cole Cooper on Twitter at @coopball, There is even a Marvel Cole Cooper character at the Daily Bugle. Facebook pages, and a Which is fine - I don't mind, they seem to have the right guy on their email addresses and I'm not vain enough to think my name is exclusive. 
What I do mind i…

On the Move Again

New place For the last year - I've been housesitting while I downsize my stuff.  The lease is up and I just got the notice that the contractors will be putting on the finishing touches to a new apartment.  I'm getting my keys on March 30th - and start in the new place on April 1.

Cleaning up the old site.

It's been a while since I've updated the site for design - since I've been too busy to blog - let alone update the design. So I'm going to add this new design template to Cole's notes and will be adding to it as I go.

Will The Real Cole Cooper Please Stand up - 2018 Version

Well, I just looked at the blog log.  This is post number 1,003.  A Thousand postings.  And here is the old issue coming up again.  This time from a church of all things.

So here's the note I sent to the pastor of the church who emailed me.

Dear Pastor XXXX;
Please, could you contact the Cole Cooper who is your in the parish?  He has given you the address of for his email address - which is my address, the story of it is below:

A Googley e-mail issue
Sending to - cole.cooper@ and will all come to my address.

Once upon a time - October 6, 2004, to be exact - I was one of the first users of Google email beta after getting an invite for the Beta.  At the time - I had a Hotmail address for, plus a Shaw @ home address.  So after a few minutes in the old system, I ended up with my name in Gmail  Using that account, I set up this blog and my Google+ services, and my Google…

2018 The year of getting back to work.

So, there I was cleaning up my computers and organising my office, when I had a chance to look at my Cole's Notes blog postings.  There where five in draft form, and the last time I had published was September of 2016!  Wow, I hadn't realised how much time had passed since I'd last posted there.

Then I started to remember what had been going on for the last year.  At the end of 2016, frustrated with credit cards, and too much debt, I decided to cash out from my studio and find something to retire to.  Well, I did sell my house and studio, and moved into a house sitting situation, and picked up two part-time jobs.  At the same time, shutting down the library and studio meant that I didn't have much in the way of computer resources to keep up my writing and photography, so my editing work has been mainly on Facebook and Twitter, monitoring Social Media.

I've been using the iPad for email and and twittering - but the keyboards are terrible, and trying to do Blog entr…

Fall follies

Thought for the day

Conservative Next

In 12 days Albertans will kick off the hunt for the next leader of the Conservative Party right here in Calgary. And we are doing it in true western fashion.
Take western hospitality, mix in leadership candidates, and add some delicious barbecue and beer and you’ve got a recipe for a party you don’t want to miss!

Come on down and spend the afternoon with MP's Michelle Rempel and Blake Richards on June 18th at Symons Valley Ranch for a pre-Stampede event and possibly meet the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Here’s what to expect:

Short speeches by leadership candidatesRefreshment breaks to soak in the ideas and the sunMore ideas presented by the candidatesMore breaks with time to pull something cold from the beer tubsQ & A with the leadership candidatesThe event will close with a western party, including a tasty barbecued dinner.

The lineup for the evening includes: Hon. Lisa Raitt , M.P., Hon. Kellie Leitch, M.P., Hon. Tony Clement, .P., Hon. Michael Chong, M.P., and Hon. Maxime…

Some interesting thoughts from Dave at Financial Insight

Work hard and Prosper. Have fun and remember to be happy.
Quote of the day "There is a word for businesses that do not pass all their expenses including their taxes on to their customers. The word is bankrupt."
Women may be From Venus and Men may be From Mars, But Entrepreneurs Live on Pluto
February 28, 2016 
And let me tell you, it can be mighty cold out there. More than once, well a lot more than once I have found myself explaining or trying to explain this to Government officials. It is easy for anyone who is gainfully employed and especially easy for government employees to miss how different the world is for most self-employed, especially those in their earlier years. For an employee, it is relatively straight forward. They go to work for a certain number of hours and they get paid for their work, and then there are the benefits like paid vacations. But the bottom line is that they know what they are making and when they will be paid. While it may not always be easy, planni…