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Cleaning up the Email

Email cleanup So here I am - cleaning up my email boxes.  Around 700 emails in four accounts.  Now I'm keeping my for blogging and writing. Cole for personal stuff, for business, and for iPhone and iPad.   Outlook inbox - with the main email
Why? It's mainly spam and junk mail thing.  I'm finding I'm missing important emails and most folks are contacting me via facebook these days - but I find myself trying to cut down and streamline things and move all to web-based mail.  I’m experimenting with Spike mail to try and clean things up, and cut down on some of the email firehose.

Mail Call

Cleaning up the Garden

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On the Move Again

Cleaning up the old site.

Will The Real Cole Cooper Please Stand up - 2018 Version

2018 The year of getting back to work.

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