Is it just me?

Or is there an anti Western Canada bias in this CBC Story?

2 Quebec children survive hostage taking
CBC News

MONTREAL – A Quebec man is breathing easier today after learning that his daughters survived a hostage-taking incident in Cambodia.

Bernard Loyer's daughters were taken captive Thursday along with dozens of other children at their school in the town of Siem Reap. Gunmen shot and killed a two-year-old Canadian boy, Maxim Michalik, who was born in Victoria, B.C.....

That's a Strange way to write a lead - but it is the CBC, who really don't like the people they report on anyway.

Now if I compare that to CanWest News Service and the National Post. and the Globe and Mail stories.

The Post leads with the Boy's death, but the Globe simply recycles an Associated Press story, which is not unusual. Looking around the web at various weblogs these days, I see a lot of huffing and puffing about the anti Western Canada Bias conspiracy in the "liberal" media. But having worked in the business many years ago - I think the comment I heard once is probably more appropriate.

"Never assume a conspiracy exsists for something that can be explained by simple incompetence"

Extra points if you know who said that first :)

I think it's a simple as plain incompetence.
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