Newspaper column - not on paper?

The Website has reported that the Globe and Mail is publishing their current edition totally on-line because of a strike. Go to Boingboing

Meanwhile - the National Post's Lorne Gunther apologizes for Blog errors on his site and the
Western Standard Shotgun muses about how useless the media is.

I mention all of these in the same post because they indicate to me where the old dead tree craft of the "Press" is going. More and more, I'm seeing blogs from all points of the political spectrum and various topics. I seem to be spending more time reading them than looking at newspapers or magazines.

As an old news junkie - I do freely admit I went to Journalism school back in the misty past, back when Journalism meant notebook, typewriter and 35mm camera - and spent some time as one of the ink-stained wonks that turned out the daily fishwrap, I'm enjoying seeing the old medium trying to find relevance in the 21st century.

Orginally, I started this blog as a place to put the suff that folks were e-mailing to me - you know the funny, weird or spammy stuff e-mail users send to each other. I didn't think it would be a place for an on-line diary - since the stuff I put in my diary is for my future self alone, but what I'm finding it's an easy way to have my own column in my spare time.

Writing when I want - and not even caring if anyone reads it - I can link to the other sites and blogs as I want - and in the words of the great Bob Edwards
"Published whenever I damn well feel like it"

It's nice - so there will be some more to come again you-know-when....

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