New Guinness Flavours?

As the National Post Says - is nothing Sacred?
London-based Diageo PLC, the world’s largest liquor company, is trying to revive flagging demand for its Guinness brand, the legendary black drink praised by James Joyce as “the frothy freshener.” Some pub owners say Brew 39, the first of 10 new versions of the stout to be sold by 2010, won’t lure new drinkers and may alienate fans of the traditional drink.
Well - I've always liked the taste of Guinness just as it is - The "burnt, chocolatey, slightly harsh quality" I've always tasted as smooth with a nice finish. But I get to drink the made-in-Canada version that is slightly different from the orginal Irish version. At least they're not planning to make a Rasberry Guinness (I hope).
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