Leo Kills Bill Gates?

The folks over at Digg.com are going on about a "photo" of a Simpsons style image of Leo Laporte expressing his dissatisfaction with some of the aspects of Windows.

Well here it is.


It actually comes from one of the guests on the old ScreenSavers TV show. They had a guest on that was showing how cartoons are being created on PC's. The guy (who's name escapes me right now) had worked on the Simpsons and did this pic up as a gift to Leo. They had it posted on the old Screen Savers site a long time back, and on Leoville.com for a while, but I've just kept it in the image file. Now I'm setting it back up here so the folks who have zapped the site from the Digg Link can see it. Enjoy.

Notice how Gates looks a lot like Montgomery Burns? Posted by Picasa
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