A bit of an interesting twist on the electric bike - it uses the areas on the front and back wheels hold Solar collectors and charge the battery.

I imagine the box over the back wheel is the battery box - but you probabily could add a basket on top. I don't suppose a saddle bags would be a good idea - cutting down on the light exposure to the wheels.

It comes prebuilt as shown for around $1299 or they offer conversion kits for your own Bike starting at $795.00 - Canadian. This is a Canadian company building these things.

So the US folks will have to pay duty to have these in the sunny states. Not to mention - the NORCO bike is made in Canada too...

I wonder if they made a solid wheel from the solar panels and if they're on both sides of the wheels? It sort of looks like they may have used hub motors to make it run - unless the motor is hidden in the Crankshaft housing, or on the other side of the bike.

Now all NORCO needs to do is start manufacturing these in quality for $599 - and I think you'd have a real e-bike contender....

Check it out at:
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