Don Cherry for the Order of Canada

As the article states "It's Grapes Turn"!
"All of us can learn from Don Cherry's exemplary love of Canada, his unabashed patriotism and his untiring appreciation for our men and women in the Canadian military make him a contemporary Canadian icon.....Don Cherry is a Canadian icon but remarkably Don Cherry is not a member of the Order of Canada.
How could that be? Who is more Canadian? He is as loud a patriot as there has ever been but he's also been a thorn in the side of the Liberals who have ruled this land for much of its 140 years.

I'm urging you to call the Governor General's office at 1-800-465-6890, e-mail or write to Rideau Hall, 1 Sussex Dr., Ottawa, Ont. K1A 0A1. Asking him to be placed on the honour roll for the new year. There's not much time - but let's get him honoured...

While they are at it, it would be nice to get Grapes in the Hockey Hall of Fame, too, and even a star on Canada's Walk of Fame. If ever a guy deserves it, it's Cherry.

h/t to SDA, et al.
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