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A diagnosis of the "Bush Derangement Syndrome"

A little heavy going - but definitely worth a look.

This is one of the reasons it is so wearying to be president, because it involves the day-to-day processing of so much irrational projection of hatred and anxiety. I personally don’t know how President Bush puts up with it. All therapists know how difficult it is to deal with just one borderline patient in their practice, but it is as if a president must deal with the projections of fifty million or so difficult patients who are irrationally experiencing him as evil incarnate.... It is fascinating to note that the left is so out of touch with their fantasies about President Bush, that one constantly reads about how they imagine that he is fighting back in the most dangerous and extreme way -- that he doesn’t tolerate dissent, that he questions people’s patriotism, that he is destroying our civil rights, that he punishes ideological enemies.

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Circumnavelgazing the Whole Existentialada of Lumin Development with Mental Gymg…

How many of me are there?

Would you believe there are only 17 Cole Coopers in the US? And I'm not one of them - since I live in Canada. But it's an interesting site to put your own name into...

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