Coleman Cooper added you as a connection on Pulse

One of the things I like to do at the end of the year is clean up my multiple address books and sort my e-mail addresses out. Well. this year I'm using Plaxo
to sync all my contacts and such - so you may be seeing a note like this from me:

Coleman Cooper wants to add you as a connection on Plaxo Pulse.

To accept this connection request, go to:

The Plaxo team

What's Pulse?

It's the first networking tool to span business and personal life.

Your family, friends, and business connections are using lots of different sites to find and share content. Some are writing blogs. Others write restaurant and product reviews. And many are uploading photos and videos. Until now, finding that stuff has been really hard - and staying on top of it, even harder. Let Pulse bring it to you - automatically - in your own personal stream of news.

Don't want to receive emails from Plaxo any more? Opt out:


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