Saving Face

Well here I had shutdown the Facebook account - hoping to eliminate the problem. I let it sit for a couple of days and then opened it back up for some of the groups I wanted to be in. But here again the problem has cropped up - so I'm posting this in Facebook, and here to prove this is mine

To all my Facebook folks - I've been changing my profile slightly since I've found that some Yabbo has been sending out porno videos using my name. If anyone has been offended by this drek, I apologise for letting my profile be used like that. AS folks who really know me know this is not my style. In addition, I'm going to be cutting back on this account and if someone sends you something like this in my name again, forward it back to me and I'll take care of it. For the time being - I'll only be checking this account once in a while, but if you need to get in touch immediately - email me through my blog at - or through my Plaxo Pulse profile.
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