Pierre Elliot Obama

From the National Post:

Pierre Elliott Obama
For Canadians, Trudeaumania was a magic elixir that blotted out the troubles of the modern world. Barack Obama is now selling the United States the same poisonous political opium

Lionel Chetwynd, Special to the National Post

Trudeaumania was the magic elixir that blotted out the modern world. It was political opium.

It was also, by any intelligent measure, a disaster, one Canadians are only now beginning to understand.

Rather than reconcile the two founding cultures, Trudeau so alienated Quebec that there were soon troops in the streets of Montreal, where he had declared martial law. The de facto leader of the francophones, Rene Levesque routinely called him "Elliott," (his mother's name; she was an anglophone). The division became so bitter that, in time, a separatist party would go on to become the official opposition in Ottawa.

Trudeau also devastated a once friendly relationship with the United States. His pet project, the repatriation of the Canadian Constitution, handed the courts sway over virtually every aspect of Canadian life. The trickle of U.S. draft evaders became a torrent as he publicly welcomed them and eased restrictions. (That policy would soon apply to all would-be entrants to Canada.) Even when he was finally replaced by Brian Mulroney (after John Turner's brief stewardship), Trudeau was able to scuttle that man's attempt to alter this original Trudeau formula.

In short, he remade the country in his own image, destroying the history that had proceeded him, leaving a deluge after him.

I've not been blogging on the American Election - but this point by Lionel Chetwynd is too important to ignore.

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