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Spring Cleaning

Well, I've just cleaned out my DRAFTS folders for Cole's Notes and View from the Plateau.  Boy there's been a lot of stuff I haven't gotten around to posting - and a bunch more that I have.  So this is why there's a sudden jump in the postings here, and I'm promising to keep up to date on both the blogs.  As always, comments and notes welcome at my blog.  Plus now - you can follow me on Twitter at - where I'll also be adding a link list to the side of the blog page on Cole's Notes - so if you have a Twitter account you can follow along.  And I've even cleaned up the Facebook page and you can find me on Plaxo Pulse, Friendfeed and LinkedIn.  I'll be updating all these sites in the next couple of days, and hopefully get all these done with what's going on.

Pierre Elliot Obama

From the National Post:

Pierre Elliott Obama
For Canadians, Trudeaumania was a magic elixir that blotted out the troubles of the modern world. Barack Obama is now selling the United States the same poisonous political opium

Lionel Chetwynd, Special to the National Post

Trudeaumania was the magic elixir that blotted out the modern world. It was political opium.

It was also, by any intelligent measure, a disaster, one Canadians are only now beginning to understand.

Rather than reconcile the two founding cultures, Trudeau so alienated Quebec that there were soon troops in the streets of Montreal, where he had declared martial law. The de facto leader of the francophones, Rene Levesque routinely called him "Elliott," (his mother's name; she was an anglophone). The division became so bitter that, in time, a separatist party would go on to become the official opposition in Ottawa.

Trudeau also devastated a once friendly relationship with the United States. His pet project, the repat…

The 8 Stages Of Liberal/Progressive Discussion When They Are Busted - Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

The 8 Stages Of Liberal/Progressive Discussion When They Are Busted - Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

1. Ignore the story - pretend it is not happening, or deflect like crazy.

2. Find some sort of moral equivalence or a story from 30 years ago saying a Conservative did something sort of similar.

3. Come up with some conspiracy theories. This is usually the most amusing part, reading and hearing all the strange stuff they come up with in their reality based chat rooms.

4. Blame Conservatives for bringing the truth to light. How dare they do dat!!!!

5. Concoct strange defenses based on wild psychological discourse, which no one understands, including the writer, but it sounds good, and allows a liberal/progressive to say there is no problem.

6. Whine about the discussion of the topic, proclaiming that it means nothing, and why aren't we talking about X? This is usually the point where Liberals/progressives truly understand how bad the issue really is for them, typically when…

Nude portrait of France's first lady to go to auction

'Tasteful' nude portrait of France's first lady to go to auction

This is an interesting story in a couple of ways:

First off - the National Post doesn't publish the photo - you have to take their word that it's "a Work of Art" - mainly because they don't publish nudity. However there is a thumbnail of the photo when you share the NP link to facebook. So I guess nudity is permissible - as long as it not in the National Post. I also noticed they put "Tasteful" in quotes. I've corrected the headline in my post to make it a little less sneering.

Secondly, it reminded me of a text argument I had with a friend the other day. We were discussing her sitting - and I had posited the idea of a nude pose. Her response was "I'm not a slut - I won't pose nude".

Well having done photos, sketches, drawings paintings, of nudes many times it brought to mind a comment I heard from a model a long time ago.

"It's not posing nude for …

Cherniak misses the point…again : Jay Currie

A Comment from Kate at SDA

Cherniak misses the point…again : Jay Currie: "What conservatives ask of their government:
1. Leave me alone.
2. Keep the barbarians from the gates.

What liberals ask of their government:
1. What have you done for me lately?
2. With the exception of conservatives, there is no such thing as a barbarian."

Reflections of a Newsosaur

From the web - I've run acrross an interesting Blog on Journalism and the New Web. 3.30 The current article is on the Brain Drain in the traditonal media as the new Web-savvy generation runs ito the

Reflections of a Newsosaur: Brain drain