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Signs of the Apocalypse – Beer in Plastic Bottles!

Miller, in partnership with Molson, has begun selling its Genuine Draft in clear plastic bottles….The plastic bottles were first introduced at sports venues in the U.S. in 1999, and their popularity south of the border led the company to bring them to Canada.Phew – that was close – Molson’s is only selling MGD in plastic – not a real beer – and at the Basketball games in Taranta.  Not at a real event. Beer only tastes good in glass, pewter or possibly aluminum.  And buy stock in Big Rock or make your own. Get the whole Technorati Tags: ,, story here: Time To Dump Miller And Molson Stock « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

My Imaginary Friend in the Mirror

Why do I need people to mirror me anyway? Why this relentless focus on what others think of me? Could it be just some throwback from decades of liberalism, the Kumbaya image of eternal love? I say I'm a conservative who believes in individual freedom. But being a conservative isn't just spouting words. It means being a free individual, getting off of my high horse and standing on my own two feet.By Robin of Berkley – read it all here.