I’m so glad he’s not-

A very good post on Bookworm room this morning – which explains itself.

Obama, whatever else he is, is not an intellectual

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The two best quotes:

“Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” – Francis Bacon

In modern English, an intellectual can be described as someone who is extremely well read.  He or she has a fully furnished mind and, at the drop of a hat, can delve into that internal room of books, and resurrect quotations, ideas, and information….


Barack Obama has nothing of the intellectual about him.  He’s a documented ignoramus when it comes to history, something worrisome, because he often tries to get history to back up his policies.  He’s an almost laughably stereotypical “Ugly American” when it comes to his knowledge of the world around him.   He’s embarrassingly slow on learning the nuances of the military culture he leads.  (You can amuse yourselves in the comments by providing more examples of Obama’s horrific errors, linquistically, historically, culturally, etc.)  And if you’ve cudgeled your brains after reading the paragraph immediately preceding this one, you’ll definitely have come to the conclusion that, not only is he uninformed, he’s no wit.

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