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Double standards, anybody?

New Bipolar voice on the Web – from the inside.

A friend of mine is taking on the topic of Bipolar disorder from the inside in a new Blog Called The Dark Side of Comedy Relief As she says in her Maiden post:After almost a decade of living with bipolar disorder, I'm "coming out of the closet" as it were. Oh there are people who know that I have it, but not one of those people REALLY knows what I go through. I've never had the courage to tell anyone; always afraid that they'd think I was "dumping" on them or worse, that I was being an attention seeker.
I've created this thing to try and express through creative writing (both fiction and non-fiction) exactly what it is like living with this disease.Check it out – I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting read.
Android Gets a Build-Your-Own-App App