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Al-Ahram Weekly | Books Supplement | Vegetal and mineral memory: The future of books
The city of Alexandria played host on 1 November, 2003 to the renowned Italian novelist and scholar Umberto Eco, who gave a lecture in English, on varieties of literary and geographic memory, at the newly opened Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Al-Ahram Weekly publishes the complete text of the lecture - and the full text is at the link above.
Howstuffworks "How Web Servers Work"

And while I'm at it - some Web 101.
Howstuffworks "How IP Telephony Works"

Some basics - as I recently outlined - in addition to the how VoIP works - here are some Bell West definitions of how things are.......

Prime buildings "Bell owns a suitable active digital electrical or optical telecommunications connection between the customer premises and the designated POP and that the service is ready.
Bell has begun development of suitable facilities to the building and will be service ready within a defined timeframe. If necessary, the interim solution will be to lease the access from a Facility Access Supplier (FAS) and expedite the building completion.
Bell has installed fibre to the building - in this situation, customer opportunities will be assessed on an individual case basis to determine if services will be provisioned via fibre or through the co-locate."

Prime Buildings offer services based on the equipment we have placed in a particular building, what type of POP (Point-of-Presence) we ha…

Time to start a crusade. Bring back Family Guy!!