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Lest We Forget

No Friday Funnies today. Just rememberance of Martin Cooper, who flew Catalinas on the Iceland run. And Dad,(John Thomas Cooper) who built pipelines and roads to Alaska then served in the RCAF until 1948. Eugene (Robbie)Bain who served with the RCAF from 1938 to 1968. And Alistair "Scotty" Bain who went to Korea with the Army, came home and joined the Navy in 1965 to spend 20 years in SAR. They all came back to stand at the cenotaphs for their friends - and time has now claimed them all. So it falls to us to remember. And the flag they fought for. At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the elventh month stop to remember.

A Pittance of Time

DRM - Digital Rights Minimization

Writers Block Live » Blog Archive » DRM - Digital Rights Minimization: "DRM - Digital Rights Minimization"

He states - "From this day forward I will never spend a another dime on content that I can’t use the way I please."

To which I heartliy agree

Heated bra aims to save the world

Okay - so the BBC has this story - I wonder if it prevents "Cooper's Droop"? Cole's Notes - always keeping you abreast of latest developments.

21 Pleasures We've Forgotten

To the list I would add -

A professional barber shave - with a straight razor - shave cream and brush and final hot towel.

Cows can't be tipped -- drunken youth at a loss

It's a little early for the Friday Funny - but hey -

What did he say?

UBC zoology prof and student disprove urban legend

John Colebourn
CanWest News Service

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

VANCOUVER - Cow-tipping -- the rural "art" of sneaking up on unsuspecting cows and pushing them over -- has been debunked by academics in the zoology department of the University of British Columbia.

While the alleged country pastime has often been thought of as an urban legend, Margo Lillie, a doctor of zoology at Vancouver's UBC and student Tracy Boechler used science to disprove the practice.

According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, the appeal of the cow-tipping myth "derives from the belief that cows are slow-witted and top-heavy, and the corollary assumption that relatively little force would need to be applied to the top of such apparently precarious ruminants to tip them over."

However, Ms. Lillie says drunken cow-tippers would never succeed.

"When they try it all …

Sony and DRM

It seems to be that sort of day - first off the MPAA is ruining movies (see previous post) - and the Sony DRM nonsense is getting louder. It reminded me of a Previous Coles Note's I had done on a DRM protected CD from the Dave Tucker Band - but it came from Starbucks and not Sony. But the issues are the same. It's got me wondering if maybe there are other Music publishers that are using this stuff.

Some people - like this fellow in Britian are really getting steamed about it - to wit:

Those who have read my previous email will know that over the past week it has become known that SonyBMG (the big music record label) has been discovered to have been shipping their new music cd's with embedded software (known as DRM) to prevent the copying of their music. This in itself goes against fair use laws here in the UK, but a matter of much higher importance is the method in which this software was written and installed as well as the huge security implications for computers have t…

Cinemas as police-states: why box-office revenue is in decline?

I've not been to a cinema in ages - mainly due to lousy content - and I still object to paying $12.00 or more to watch ads - and I see the experience is getting lousier. The other day, I went by the Eau Claire Market and the IMAX theatre was shuttered. The Multiplex there wasn't very busy and seemed to be concentrating more on the video game arcade out front - which has turned into a sleazy hang out of the local street kids. Sort of like the old East german shopping arcades....

From this morning

Cinemas as police-states: why box-office revenue is in decline?
by Cory Doctrow

....It shouldn't amaze me, but it does. The thing that keeps people turning up at the cinema is the cinema experience -- big screens, the companionship of others, the show of it all. Souring that show with stupid, insulting anti-piracy ads (um, why are you showing condescending, threatening ads to the people who paid money to see the movie -- shouldn't you be targeting the people who do…

Get Back in the Box

An excerpt from the upcoming book - Get Back in the Box

Found this online and it is a congent discussion on what makes businesses forget to "Stick to the knitting"

Just last year, I got a phone call from the CEO of a home electronics chain, asking if I could devise a new communications strategy for him. He had read one of my books on Internet culture and was wondering if I could help him make use of some of this 'below the line' advertising he'd been hearing so much about lately. He wanted his marketing to be 'less Saatchi and Saatchi and more craigslist.' By this he meant he wanted to rely less on the expensive, high-concept traditional television advertising created by agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, and somehow do his communications through bottom-up online communities, like the one that had developed around the craigslist online bulletin board.

The Rest of the article after the jump

Micheal Geist on Copyright in Canada

Michael Geist, an articulate and accomplished Canadian copyfighting law prof gave a fantastic speech on the Internet and innovation and law at Access 2005 at the U of Alberta -- he's released it as an MP3. 11MB MPG Link