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Petition to Restore the Royal Designation:
Royal Canadian Navy-Royal Canadian Air Force

As a proud Canadian - I'm urging all Canadians to sign this to restore the Royal to the Canadian Navy and Airforce. I've signed and I want all Canadians to sign this.

See the video here as well and go to the petition HERE

Friday Funny - The Printer Cat

It's been a busy day - so much so I had to hire a printer cat. Stella was playing too much with the mouse, so I put her to work monitoring the printer.

There were a stack of presentations to be looked after, so it kept her happy all afternoon.

The Liberty Manifesto

The Liberty Manifesto
by P.J. O'Rourke

P.J. O'Rourke is the Cato Institute's Mencken research fellow. He delivered these remarks at a May 6, 1993 gala dinner celebrating the opening of the Cato Institute's new headquarters in Washington.

All we have is the belief that people should do what people want to do, unless it causes harm to other people. And that had better be clear and provable harm. No nonsense about second-hand smoke or hurtful, insensitive language, please.

I don't know what's good for you. You don't know what's good for me. We don't know what's good for mankind. And it sometimes seems as though we're the only people who don't.

Here's the complete speech

The Liberty Manifesto

Never throw your USB drive in a coffee cup

Oh, Patrick - see what happens when you do?

Friday night fun at Kokos'

As I said on Friday - I've added the photos taken the other day to the site. It'a slideshow or you can go the Google photo album here It's an addition to the rest of the pictures in the album, all of which are in the private section of the Google albums.